The safety of our operations is a priority in order to guarantee protection of staff, suppliers and contractors and of all persons who, at business level, interact with the company as well as of personal property and property of our clients.

To do so, PAMSA establishes its guidelines based on the following principles:

• Integrating all levels of the organization to guarantee a healthy working environment, projecting risks prevention in the quality of service.

• Developing a preventive culture, with potential risks assessment, in order to preserve the physical integrity and wellbeing of people by complying with the standards and procedures established by the legal framework in force and effect and the company standards.

• Working safely is an employment condition and a responsibility of all of us. The company provides the necessary resources to achieve this.

• Training, actively and cooperatively, each of the persons in the organization so that we all understand the need to act with responsibility and aware of the safety in our own tasks as well as in the tasks of others.

• Fostering continuous improvement in safety and hygiene in order to comply with international standards.