In PAMSA, we understand and accept our responsibility as regards the care and protection of the environment. Therefore, our policy is to minimize potential negative impacts and strengthen positive impacts produced by our activity.

For this reason, we base our activities on the following principles:

• To comply with the applicable environmental legislation, complementing it with the Environmental Management Plan.

• To develop a preventive culture, with potential risks assessment, in order to preserve the environment and the wellbeing of people by complying with the rules and procedures established by the company.

• To monitor the impacts of our activities on the surroundings.

• To train and make each person in the organization aware so that they understand the need to act with responsibility before the environment.

• To foster continuous improvement in our activities, trying to reach an optimal environmental performance.

• To participate, in association with public or private entities, in activities which foster sustainable environmental practices, by enabling techniques of responsible management of air, soil, surface water and ground water.